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After years of learning, studying, and reading my own stock market chart patterns, I discovered three very important easy steps that consistently give me incredibly sense of calmness and ease and peace of mind, when I am trading in the stock market!

  • The First Trading Entry Point - The first step is learning how to easily find your stock trading opportunities in the stock market charts, when you are reading your stock market charts! The entry point is where you will first enter your stock trade.

  • The Second Stop Loss Exit Point - Never enter into any stock trade without clearly and carefully and precisely defining where you will take losses! The second step is where you will cut your losses and get out, when your stock chart pattern fails!

  • The Third Profit Taking Point - Finally, it’s incredibly comforting and calming and freeing, when you learn precisely where to take your profits off the stock trading table, before it’s too late! It’s the most challenging to read on stock charts!

  • The Bottom Line - Reading your stock market charts is just one skill! Reading your stock buying, and stock selling points on your stock market charts is different skill! Reading where to take losses and profits on your stock charts can be really challenging skills to masters because of greed and fear inside every stock trader!

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