About Me, Giving
You Some Background

Writing about me is always an exciting opportunity. It’s a different kind of opportunity. It’s different from the opportunity you find in the stock markets. It’s an opportunity for me share my sense of gratitude.

  • Thank You So Much
    Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading a little bit about my background. Thank you for visiting our fourth stock market online community. Thank you for being a part of one of our online communities.

  • Chart Dow Stocks
    Working on my first website is one of the activities I really enjoy. The experience of managing it is an interesting challenge. The experience of growing it is very rewarding. Because Dow Jones Index is an exciting market to watch. But there is something else that’s exciting to study.

  • Stock Market Resistance
    Watching technical investors sell stocks around resistance areas is an exhilarating experience. It gives me a sense that I am learning something new and different studying investors. Sometimes, it’s even more satisfying than buying new stocks.

  • Stock Market Support
    Buying new stocks is another wonderful activity that I find truly interesting. But analyzing where stock investors are like to buy new stocks next is deeply enjoyable. Sometimes, it’s even more enjoyable than building a website that really works.

  • Stock Charts Guide
    Truly, constructing stock charts is a fascinating experience. Why? You never really know what the stock charts will teach you next. I find the whole process of sharing some of my stock market charts here really fun. I mean, really, really fun. As fun as when I think about company stocks.

  • Studying Individual Stocks
    Studying company stocks, analyzing the behavior of individual stocks is another experience that brings me daily excitement. Another simple experience that gives me even more excitement daily is watching stock market investors.

  • Watching Stock Investors
    More to come, soon …