The Chart History of
Stock Market Investment

Learning From The Chart
History Of Stock Market Patterns

Why look at the history of stock market charts? Someone asked me the same question a couple of years ago.

  • My answer? …

    The future of stock market behavior is inside the history. The history of stock market behavior is inside the future. More to come ...

    Still UTX Stock Chart - In this March-2007 UTX stock chart analysis, you see a strong up trend technical support line that’s been offering UTX stock investors new opportunities to buy new UTX stocks in the last 12 months.

    United Technologies Stock Chart - When you read this United Technologies stock technical analysis you start to see where technical stock investors have taking profits in the past, and why they love the experience of selling stocks.

    More Chart UTX Stock - If most UTX stock investors were to buy lots and lots of United Technologies stocks at a certain place, would you pay close attention to that place? The United Technologies stock chart above shows that really well.

    Chart UTX Stock Price - In this June-2007 UTX stock price chart, you can clearly see another example of how technical stock support area can display a good buy point. It’s a very simple example, yet a powerful learning experience.

    Chart United Technologies Stock - United Technologies, some stock investors buy it and hold it. Some stock investors choose to sell the stock whenever it goes up. Some stock traders just trade it daily. But where would I sell it next?